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Tel: 01296 821 801

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1 > Just decide on the service you require and when you want the job done.

2 > Simply give us a call to confirm the job date and time where applicable is available.

3 > If it is, the terms for the job can be agreed. That done, just get your customer reference from us and Easy Book the job. And that’s it all booked up.

If you’re not sure about anything. “We’re here to help!” Just give our customer service and support number a call on 01296 821 801. We can also be contacted using the free estimate e-forms for the service you require. ‘TAP HERE’

Paya Contact Centre Payments

We can accept payments of £100.00 or more at any time of day from wherever you are, using our 24/7 Contact Centre.

To make a payment using the Paya Card Services Contact Centre. Just call them on the their number shown below along with our Account ID, your payment details and your customer invoice reference. Which you will receive from us when you’re ready to book a job.

Paya Contact Centre Tel: 0333 123 1234 / Press Option 1

Our Paya Account ID: 107150601

For your convenience and security we are also a certified partner with SumUp and the team now carry a SumUp Air, chip/pin and FCN debit/credit card reader. This means that you don’t have to be concerned about making on site cash payments and you can choose to receive a receipt for your payment straightaway either by SMS or email.

New way to pay from sum up. We can share a link via WhatsApp, Facebook, Email or by SMS. You can then pay us using the media you choose and receive your receipt from us.

We can now also accept virtual debit/credit card payments directly from you over the phone. If you prefer to pay us in this way.

Payments can also be paid to us by bank transfer using the banks FPS service. Details on request.

Credit and Debit Card Acceptance for small business with Paya Card Processing Services

Mobile Payments:  www.Payamobi.com

Our Paya Account ID: 107150601

Before making a payment you will need our Paya account ID from above, along with your own unique reference. We will provide these details to you when you call us to book the job.