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Call A Van

We Move It!

Locally & Nationally


It’s cost effective

Call A Van Waste clearance recycling and disposal prices are already cost effective and without any skip permit charges to pay where applicable. It makes it even better still. We have several options for you and are flexible and helpful with collections.

We’re Environmentally friendly too

Our first-rate independent waste management team are already recycling 97% of the waste material collected. With your help we can even improve on this.

No skip permit required

No need for a costly £120.00 council skip licence in Bucks where applicable or where to put a skip to bother about either. Stops somebody else helping to fill the skip that you’ve paid for as well.

How it works

We like to keep it nice and easy for you. So, all you need to do is give us a call, let us know what you have for recycling or disposal, photos sent to us can help with this as well. If you want to send photos then just ask us for where to send them to. Agree the terms and “Easy Book” a collection with us. Then our team will arrive and “Hey Presto!” It’s goodbye rubbish!

Larger clearances & collections

We can accept and arrange for larger waste clearances within a 25 mile radius of our locality in Wendover, Bucks. As shown within the black circled are on the map. Also, in certain circumstances even further afield than this.



“It’s goodbye rubbish!”

Householders, Businesses, Organisations “Duty Of Care.”

Anybody disposing of rubbish has a “Duty Of Care” to check that the company removing their waste is registered as an “Upper Tier Waste Carrier*.” This includes waste removed as part of building work, DIY work and clearances. You should record the Environment Agency licence and vehicle registration number of any person or company removing the waste. This means that if it is later found dumped illegally, the perpetrator and not you should face prosecution. Failure to check could lead to you having a criminal record and paying a fine of up to £5,000 or more.

*An Upper Tier Waste Carrier is licensed to carry waste for anyone. A Lower Tier Waste Carrier is not.

Does it need bagging? Guide for bagging waste

Recycling Disposal Waste Clearance Collection Services. Bricks, rubble, hardcore and Dry Soil, should only be put into heavy duty polythene bags with a minimum thickness of 125 microns (500 gauge), with dimensions up to 812 mm x 609 mm. Bags will only be accepted if each bag is filled to a weight of no more than around 25 kg or 55 lb. Bags must not be split or liable to split open when being lifted and loaded on to the vehicle.

Due to a new 2015 waste disposal directive and because we need to know what's inside the bags. Recyclable and other items where possible must be kept in their separate categories, preferably in clear see through polythene bags of not less than 75 microns (300 gauge) with dimensions up to 812 mm x 609 mm. Recyclable items include the following, Paper, Cardboard, Plastic, Wood, Metal and Glass. When packing  glass you should only use a suitable and safe container. Anything containing glass should be “clearly labelled!”

Any other items should be bagged in heavy duty polythene bags of not less than 300 gauge (75 microns) with dimensions of up to 812 mm x 609 mm.

Clean green garden waste should be bagged in polythene bags of not less than 37.5 microns (150 gauge) with a fill size up to 75-80 litres. Grass is okay in 25 micron bags (100 gauge).

Non polythene eco friendly sacks are now available and preferable as long as they are similar to the above.

Call A Van is licensed by the Environment Agency as an “Upper tier waste carrier.”

Check our Environment Agency License

Tap here and enter our licence ID below into the box provided.



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