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Removals Transport or Rubbish Clearance

We Move It !

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Rates are all inclusive of collection, transport and recycling/disposal. Call Us, 01296 821 801

Volume & Weight Allowance

Our Rates + Labour Allowance All Inclusive

Approximately how much volume of rubbish is this?

Skip Bag Volume & Price Comparison

1 y3 / 0.76m3 (max weight

50 kg


5 min

See flexible loads below

2 washing machines

(S) 0.953 y3


2 y3 / 1.53m3 (max weight 100kg


10 min

4 washing machines or a mini skip

(M) 1.483 y3


3 y3 / 2.29m3 (max weight 300kg


15 min

6 washing machines

4 y3 / 3.06m3 (max weight 400kg


20 min

8 washing machines or a medium skip

4.5 y3 / 3.44m3

(max weight 450kg


23 min

9 washing machines

(L) 4.532 y3


5 y3 / 3.82m3 (max weight 500kg


25 min

10 washing machines

6 y3 / 4.59m3 (max weight 600kg


30 min

12 washing machines or a large skip

Full Load Light

12 y3 / 9.17m3

(max weight 500kg


60 min

24 washing machines

Heavy Bag Collection, minimum rate

6 bags

£13 per bag

Weight allowance

25kg per bag

Light Bag Collection, minimum rate

8 bags

£10 per bag

Weight allowance

10kg per bag


Call: 01296 821 801

Please Note HSE: Any mattresses before collection must be fully covered in a mattress removal bag without any tears and fully and securely taped across the mattress bag opening.

*The comparison for “skip bags” are as advertised by a known supplier of these bags. The sizes and prices shown are as advertised by the supplier as being their standard sized and priced bags.

Where jobs need extra time to complete, maybe because of bad access, hindrances or because they’re bigger jobs. Any extra time needed to complete the job can be booked when booking a job with us, or paid for when we are on site if the need arises.

Fluorescent Tube





TVs  Monitors


£5.00 each

£5.00 each

£15.00 each

£15.00 each

Audio Start Stop

For rubbish clearances over 6 y3 or anything else you’d like to know please contact us.

Flexible Loads

1 x Flexible load collect 1 y3 for £69.95 plus any items like those shown below, eg. 1 flexible load plus 1 mattress, plus 1 fluorescent tube Totals = £89.95


Prices include Collection, Transport, Recycling/Disposal

Sofa 2 seater up to 175cm in total length, not inc. sofa beds & recliners


Sofa 3 seater up to 200cm in total length & inc. 2 seat sofa beds & recliners


Sofa 3 seater over 200cm in total length


Sofa 4 seat / corner


5% Off! All prices below in January