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Why is waste volume often quoted as bin bags or washing machines?

One of the common ways to measure the size of a waste collection is by using cubic yards. This is an old unit of measurement that is still widely used in the waste industry, even though many other fields have switched to the metric system. To convert cubic yards to cubic metres, you can multiply by 0.76, or divide by 1.31 to go the other way.

However, for many household customers, cubic yards or metres may not be very intuitive or easy to visualise. That's why we also provide the equivalent size in terms of bin bags or washing machines. These are familiar objects that can help you estimate how much waste you have and what size of collection you need.

For example, one cubic yard of waste is roughly the same as 5/10 bin bags or two washing machines. This means that a cube with sides of 3 feet (or 0.91 metres) can fit 5/10 bin bags or two washing machines inside it. You can use this as a guide to calculate how many cubic yards of waste you have, or how many bin bags or washing machines you can dispose of with a certain size of collection.

Save with ‘Call A Van’ on skip bags collection!


Cubic Yards

Collection &  Disposal All Inclusive Prices

Call A Van Bag (S)

1 cubic yard up to 5/10 bags /100kg


Call A Van Bag (M)

2 cubic yards up to  10/20 bags /200kg


Call A Van Bag (L)

3 cubic yards up to 20/30 bags /300kg


Call A Van Bag (XL)

4 cubic yards up to 30/40 bags /400kg


We can collect larger amounts of skip bags. Please contact us for up to date prices.

Call A Van flexible Load from £120.00 all inclusive. Per 1 cubic yard / 0.76 cubic metres. 100 kg per 1y³ / 0.76m³.

Call A Van is your trusted partner for eco-friendly waste collection and disposal since 2015. We are authorized by the Environment Agency to handle waste from domestic or commercial sources and locations. Don't risk getting fined by having your rubbish fly-tipped. Choose Call A Van for a reliable and green service.

Simply give us your details and we can help with your waste management requirements.


Skip bag type collections: Before we can collect your rubbish, please make sure it is securely bagged in un-split bags.

If you have heavy or dense material like rubble, soil, or sand and you use polythene type  bags, please use bags that are at least 300 gauge thick and weigh no more than 20 kg when filled.

The best Eco friendly bags for this type of material are woven builders sacks.